Feb 11, 2013

Valentine’s round-up

Romantic Kanji

Lover letter: romantic kanji

Love letters


ai ai kasa

When it comes to romantic expression, school age Japanese kids are no different than their Western counterparts. Mostly. Instead of a simple mathematical expression (John + Jane = Forever), they use an “umbrella of togetherness” to lay bare their true feelings.

Similar to many kanji, this doodle is a pictogram. It’s just like writing your name next to the other person’s and bringing them closer. Aw.

相 (ai)

Together, mutually, fellow (can also be read as “saga” meaning one’s nature or destiny)

合 (ai)

To come together, unite

傘 (kasa)


Gift ideas

Car Mania Set V5

Courtesy Kobe Frantz

There are only a few days to go before the most romantic day of the year, so if you’re looking for some not-so-cutesy chocolates to impress the manly man in your life, then this handy box of treats could be the tool for the job. From Chocolatier Kobe Frantz comes Car Mania Set V5, an edible toolkit that is bound to get your parts moving. The set includes a spanner, a pair of pliers, a monkey wrench, a G-wrench, a nut and bolt, a screwdriver and a Valentine’s card. Don’t eat the last one. Scoff the utilitarian snacks as is, or dip into hot water for instant cocoa.

¥3,500; available at www.frantz.jp


…and what not to buy

Ever wonder what’s the worst gift you can give your man? If you really want to impress your partner on Valentine’s Day, be sure to avoid these common pitfalls:

1 Too many “obligation” chocolates that need a response on White Day

2 Handknitted scarves and sweaters

3 Clothing that doesn’t suit your taste

4 Large boxes of cheap chocolate

5 Loud or garish neckties

6 Stuffed toys

7 Expensive chocolate

8 Romance novels

9 Too sweet or badly made homemade chocolate

10 Underwear

Source: http://ranking.goo.ne.jp

So now you know…

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