Feb 25, 2013

Must Haves

Unazuki beer curry

Courtesy of Unazaki Beer

Unazuki Beer Curry

Deep in the Northern Alps of Japan lies the sleepy onsen town of Unazuki. Since 1997, Unazuki Beer has produced a line of three multi-award winning beers: the bitter Jujikyo, the fruity Torokko and Kamoshika, a mellow and rich brew. For almost ten years, they specialized solely on these three varieties, until 2006, when they embarked on a new venture—marrying one of Japan’s finest foods with their intoxicating thirst quencher. Thus, the Unazuki Beer Curry was born. Using their bitter Jujikyo as a base, it comes in two different strengths: medium and spicy. The company also runs a restaurant and a michi no eki (roadside station) that sells locally grown vegetables and souvenirs as well as beer-related products. Keep an eye out for their beer tea and beer cake—perfect for hanami season.

¥2,150 for a set of four containing both flavors. Available online at http://unazuki-beer.shop-pro.jp

Fuji T-Dry

Former architectural student, interior-design store owner and corporate designer Tomohiro Ikegaya is fulfilling his vision through start-up company Goodbymarket. While his portfolio is diverse, he’s hit the mark with some clever Mt. Fuji designs. The Fuji T-Dry will help you look the part when you ascend the snowcapped peak—or give you a fashionable twist for some urban jogging. Flip up the hem of the T-shirt and Mt. Fuji appears in all its mountainous glory.

¥3,776 (of course); available atwww.goodbymarket.com

Lixtick Paper Wallet

Lixtick Wallet

Photo courtesy of Lixtick

What’s not to like about the water-resistant, expandable, and durable Lixtick Paper Wallet? As well as being environmentally friendly, you can customise it by doodling on it yourself with a permanent marker. If you’re not so creatively inclined, you can choose from one of many patterns like graffiti, cow spots, stonewall, denim (good for camouflage from pickpockets) and more.

¥1,680; available from www.lixtick.com


Choco Burger

In collaboration with Mary’s Chocolate, Japanese burger joint Lotteria has combined two of your favorite foods into one easy-to-hold snack. The traditional beef patty is transformed in their new Choco Burger, on sale now. These petit bouches come in three sweet and differently flavored “buns.” There’s matcha (with a creamy white chocolate patty), chocolate, and strawberry (both with milk chocolate centers), sold separately for ¥180 each. Or, you can grab all three in a gift box for ¥500, share it with your date, and then junken for the last one.

Available until the end of February at Lotteria stores nationwide. www.lotteria.jp


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