Jun 25, 2012
Francesco Agresti

Resident Interview: Fitri

Fitri, along with her husband and three young children have been living in the gorgeous Tokyo Midtown Residence for the past ten months. However, this is their second time to reside in Tokyo, so they have a wealth of experience under their belt.

How are you finding Japan?

It’s a very nice place to live in. Public transportation here is in a world of its own due to the top-notch service and accessibility. Usually you would need to use a bus or car in my hometown, but you could live in Tokyo just fine without ever using them. The trains will take you anywhere. Also, shopping is very effortless because you have twenty-four hour convenience stores at every corner, not to mention the countless multi-story shopping centers.


Is your neighborhood safe?

Most definitely! I can go out for dinner with my friends during the night and feel totally comfortable. I can’t say the same thing for my own country that’s for sure. As for this apartment complex, the security features are really impressive.


What are the benefits of living in the center of Roppongi?

Well, the convenience and location are the main highlights for us. We have two very young and active children so it is hard to venture out of Roppongi with them. Luckily for us, everything we need is right on our doorstep. There’s a local park just around the corner from where we live so the kids love going there to play. On top of that, our building is connected to a huge shopping center so we can just walk there with ease. Roppongi is famous for its wide range of bars and restaurants so we are spoiled for choice when it comes to good cuisine and variety.

What attracted you to this apartment?

The kitchen really caught my eye when we were house hunting because it features a bar area, which is great for when I have guests over. Normally in Japanese houses, the kitchen occupies a small area in the hallway or living room so I was happy with what I saw. Another thing was the amazing view from our balcony—especially at night. It really makes you feel like your living in Tokyo.


Are there any places your children enjoy going to?

Yes, as I mentioned before, they love the park but they especially love playing with sand at the beach in Kamakura. It’s a little far but it can make a perfect day trip during the warmer seasons. The shopping center next to us has a few play areas such as the Lego store, which has a play corner for children to spend time in. It’s a free service and a great opportunity for our kids to mix with other children.


What are you looking forward to experiencing during your stay here?

I would really like to go to Hokkaido during the winter season and see the Sapporo Snow Festival, where they show off intricately detailed ice sculptures. There are so many other places I would like to see but I need to wait until my kids get a bit older.

Who do you go to if you need any assistance with your apartment?

We can always contact the English speaking staff at our building’s reception for any problems or requests we may have. They’re available to contact 24/7 and we can ask them to fix anything in our apartment. One thing I really like about the service is that the reception will hold on to a package for you if you’re out of the house. They’ll leave a message on the little computer display by our entrance if they receive something. Of course we can also contact Ken for any other queries we may have so we are well taken care of!


What are the potential difficulties that new Tokyo residents may face?

Well, apart from the obvious language barrier, I think using the trains can be a bit overwhelming at first. The train maps look very complicated at first glance but it is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. Having a smart phone is one way of making life easier as you can check train route information and the like.

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