Nov 1, 2012

International Supermarkets in Tokyo

Japanese supermarkets are some of the best in the world in terms of quality. From the fresh fish, to the great vegetables, and all the ready to eat treats there’s not much more that could be asked. That is unless you’re looking to bake a birthday cake, getting ready for a traditional western Sunday dinner, or just something as simple as cold cuts aka sandwich meats.

Whatever the taste that is being looked for here is a list of 5 of some popular international stores or chains in Tokyo offering international ingredients and treats.

Kinokuniya Supermarkets

Now one of the larger chains in Japan Kinokuniya was founded over 100 years ago. They also have a long history of bringing international tastes to Tokyo, being the first to internationally fly French cheese to Japan by air freight.
Download a full English listing at their website

Nissin World Delicatessen

Renowned for what they call their “Meat Rush” and returned to for a floor full of worldwide wines, Nissin is a great choice for a weekend excursion to restock a freezer full of prime cuts.
Visit Nissin’s site for more info

Kaldi Coffee Farm

While the name says coffee there’s a lot more to be had at this countrywide chain. From international candy to taco shells and salsa, Don’t expect a full grocery experience, but do stop in for a quick snack from back home!
Visit Kaldi’s site for more info

Seijo Ishii

Another of the larger chains within Japan Seijoishii has great locations including one right at the base of Roppongi hills. While there site is all in Japanese if you ask a local friend for a Seijoishii they’ll surely be able to send you in the right direction.
View Seijoishii’s Store Directory Using Google Translate

National Azabu

With 70% of shoppers coming from overseas you know they’ve got to be good. Make sure to check out either of their great locations in Denenchofu or Hiroo.
See their access map on to their two branches

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