Aug 17, 2012

Four Beaches Not Far From Tokyo

When most people think of Tokyo they don’t think of beaches, but with hot summers they’ll soon end up in one’s dreams. Luckily living on an island a beach is never too far away, and only a short drive or train ride away.

Since the weekend is nearly here though this guide will be short highlighting only four beaches. All of these great weekend spots are within an hour or two of Tokyo and make for a great one day vacation.

photo: Peter Lidell

Just south of Tokyo is Kamakura, a great historical town that also has a few beaches. Along with the beaches are the beach front bars that have a reputation as both great day and nightspots… read more about Kamakura


photo: Catherine Hagar

Just a little further south of Kamakura is Chigasaki, a small beach town famous for opening Japan’s first surf shop. All the beaches aren’t just for surfing though with some great spots for families and swimmers alike… read more about Chigasaki


photo: Franki Webb

If it’s Cancun, or a Latin American vibe, that’s being sought then Onjuku in Chiba is just the beach! With lobsters in sombreros, Mexican restaurants, and more this is as close as you’ll get to Mexico in Japan… read more about Mexico Japan aka Onjuku


photo: Bryan Baier

Sometimes in Japan white sand and blue water can be hard to find, but only 2.5 hours south of Tokyo is Tatadohama beach. With its beautiful water its sure to remind of Okinawa and Hawaii…  read more about Tatadohama


Those are just 4 of the many great and convenient beaches surrounding Tokyo. Make sure to not just read about them but also plan a getaway this weekend!

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