Resident Interview: The Benton’s (Hiroo)

Jeff Benton and his family of four relocated to Hiroo, coming from Idaho. When they got here they knew little of what to expect, but did know what they wanted. [...]

Resident Interview: The Wiehl’s (Denenchofu)

The Wiehl family have been living in Denenchofu for sometime now and couldn’t be happier. From their great German community, to the easy commute, and not to mention all the [...]

Resident Interview: The Warren’s (Azabu-Juban)

After having moved all around the world with the German Embassy, from their home countries of New Zealand and Germany, to Nigeria, Canada, Australia, and Cambodia, the Warren’s have settled [...]


The Beer Hunter

 Most who live here have a “go to” brew; the one they reach for automatically at the conbini or dig from the ice of a summer cooler. But is the [...]

Dance: Shen Yun

Interestingly this theater company, which represents a 5,000-year-old Chinese tradition, is based in New York City. Shen Yun says this is because of persecution and co-opting of Chinese classical dance [...]

Must Haves

Unazuki Beer Curry Deep in the Northern Alps of Japan lies the sleepy onsen town of Unazuki. Since 1997, Unazuki Beer has produced a line of three multi-award winning beers: [...]

Restaurants & Bars

Que Sera Sera

When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother what will I be. She didn’t mention anything about reviewing restaurants in Tokyo, which just goes to show how [...]

Garlic dining at its finest: Top 5

HAJIME NO IPPO Hajime No Ippo is one of Tokyo’s original ninniku restaurants, located in the entertainment district of yore, Kagurazaka. Established in 1995, nearly all of its dishes contain [...]

Watering Hole

Japan’s homebrew hero Ichiri Fujiura and his wife Michiko Tsutsui, a former manager at Vivo, have pooled talents to bring thirsty Tokyoites a new addition to the jibiru circuit. Watering [...]